Dan O'Sullivan's nearly two decade long career as a guitarist-for-hire took him to performing with musical acts as diverse as South Korea's most famous female pop singer Patti Kim, 50's R+B vocal legends the Coasters, Blues singer Barbara Morrison, Adult Contemporary star Michael Bolton, and to sharing the bill with Reggae acts such as Maxi Priest, Eek-A-Mouse, and Big Mountain. Over time, his interest in the sideman role began to wither, as his desire to cut his own musical path grew. The stark realization that his previous career was over came when he received a phone call from the musical director of the Beach Boys. After a twenty minute conversation in which he was invited to be one of three singing guitarists to audition to replace Brian Wilson and front the band on a summer tour, he was surprised to hear himself turn down such a huge opportunity. 

Over the next few years Dan began to write his own songs as he performed with local singer songwriters on the LA scene with whom he felt an affinity. In 2006 he went solo and has since performed well over 1000 gigs and released four CDs. Dan keeps busy throughout the year performing several gigs a week either at home in the Los Angeles area or on tour.

While in town he plays at a long list of local venues (click here for list of local venues) and private functions, including the Riviera Mexican Grill where he has had a 10 year, 1-3 day a week residency. Not a typical restaurant gig, this outdoor patio just down the street from Dan's home has been a welcoming environment for Dan's original compositions and expansive guitar improvisations.

Every year Dan makes one or two treks to Seattle, Tacoma, Portland, and nearby Northwest communities, as well as a trip to the San Francisco Bay area to do House Concerts and winery gigs. The list of cities, states, and countries which are requesting Dan to perform is growing.

Dan's songs feature humorous and moving lyrics built on intricate and powerful guitar work. Common comparisons include David Wilcox and John Mayer. His singing and guitar style has brought comparisons to Eric Clapton, James Taylor, and Jack Johnson, and can be described as jazzy acoustic rock with a lot of fancy guitar work.