House Concert Reviews

    “Do yourself a favor and book Dan O'Sullivan for a house concert ASAP! Dan is a tremendous songwriter, singer and musician who thrives in intimate venues such as these. We always see him when he comes to the Northwest, attend all his concerts and have hosted him twice. His songs are personal yet universal, and presented with passion and precision. He invites you into his world and will have you tapping your feet and singing along on the choruses. Everyone has a great time at his house concerts and you'll feel like you're part of the show. Dan has an engaging personality; you will have great conversations with him between sets and will leave his concert feeling like you've had a fun, uplifting experience.”

Don Wheatley, Portland, OR

    “Dan's mastery of the guitar was so evident as he entertained our capacity audience at The Ruin. Our audience enjoyed his storytelling and playing and even had an opportunity to sing along on one of is original songs! Dan was an easy guest in our home-sharing opinions on the music and songwriters of our "youth!" We really enjoyed hosting Dan!”

S. Acrich, Colfax, CA

    “This was Dan's first sojourn into Florida and I think it was a smashing success. His guitar playing is phenomenal, he takes it off the beaten path and takes you with him..his low key but intense music style keeps you listening again and again! Booking Dan O'Sullivan will take your House Concert Series to another level.”

A. Schaefer, Ft Meyers, FL

    “What a great guitarist! Dan was wonderful, with a great voice, interesting techniques and great instrumentality. Our audience loved his playing and so did we. If you love great guitar then book Dan ASAP.”

T. Chara, Brackney, PA

    “Dan's an accomplished lead guitarist and has the versatility that makes him an outstanding performer. His lyrics and strong thoughtful vocals compliment his highly pleasing guitar work. He has a nice easy going personality and has more then a few good stories. ”

C. Krolick, Parsonfield, ME

    “Dan O'Sullivan was a consummate professional, and it was great to have a Californian in our house! His songwriting was surpassed only by his incredible facility on the guitar. He may be the most talented guitarist we have hosted. But it wasn't just empty virtuosity- it always served the song and story. It wasn't the biggest crowd, but he was still quite gracious and we were so happy to have him. Hope to host him again if we can.”

M. Carlson, Yankton, SD

    “Dan was mesmerizing at my house concert! With a deep and rich talent both musically and as a songwriter, he delivers an evening that becomes more and more special as it unfolds. I'll be welcoming him back again soon.”

Robert Mendel, Los Angeles, CA

    “Dan was very laid back and jumped right in and mingled with our audience like he came to our shows every month. His playing and songwriting are outstanding and he plays just enough covers to get everyone excited. Dan's performance is lots of fun as he is able to play just about any style of music. There is certainly something for everyone at his shows. We will definitely have him back!”

J. Mahorney, Manhattan, KS

    “From the first notes, Dan had my foot a tappin' and a smile on my face. I thoroughly enjoyed this concert as did the rest of the audience. His guitar work is top notch, songs are interesting, and performance is engaging. Thanks, Dan. Enjoyed having you!”

J. Braymen, Eastern OR

    “Dan is great! He has his act down and his songwriting is top-notch. Although we had a very light audience that night, he played as though he was playing to a full house and made extra effort to make everyone feel comfortable. No hesitation here--I would book him again anytime”

J. Taylor, Cambridge, IL

    “Dan O'Sullivan's music was thoroughly enjoyed by all! His songs are relatable and heartfelt. Dan is a delightful storyteller and his work is musically satisfying. Dan is an amiable easy guest. If Dan's planning a tour near you, give no hesitation to planning or booking a show soon!”

C. Page, Tarpon Springs, FL

    “What a gift Dan was.Talented, dry wit, thoughtful and deep.There were a series of unavoidable accidents that caused a smaller audience, he played as though it was huge crowd and so it will be in the future.Very gracious and gifted person, a pleasure to host. I will do so again.”

H. Dahlhauser, St Petersburg, FL

    “Dan gave a great show to a sold-out crowd. We enjoyed his personal songs and his guitar play, and some in the audience even got up dancing during one of the songs.”

M. Fromherz, Palo Alto, CA

    “Dan gave a fine performance and was well-received in our listening room. He played great selection of original songs; not too much story-telling but just enough background to give a good overall show. It was really nice to have Dan perform here, even with a very small turnout he was gracious & complimentary. Musically excellent, both vocals & that "jazzy" guitar work which looks easy but isn't!" (L. Renc)”

L. Renc, St Petersburg, FL

Private Event Testimonials

    “Dan was my guitar teacher several years ago. And as it turns out he was also my wife’s guitar teacher around the same time…way before I met her. It only seemed fitting that he provide our wedding ceremony with music. He was the perfect touch to our most special day. Patiently working with us up to our frantic final days he knew just about every song we requested of him…even one which he admitted was a little tough. I guess he knew we really loved the song because he surprised us with it and NAILED IT on our wedding day. Dan also suggested several other songs which complemented the evening in harmonious perfection. We watched our wedding video a few months after and were reminded how wonderful Dan sang and played guitar. We were lucky to have him!”

Mike Naylor, Redondo Beach, CA

    “I highly recommend Dan O’Sullivan as a performer. He has been a repeat solo musician at fundraising parties I’ve hosted on behalf of a non-profit environmental organization, and has been well-prepared and well-received every single time. In addition, I’ve seen him perform at multiple other venues with the same consistent professionalism. Dan’s music is heartfelt and uplifting, and his song repertoire is wide and varied. He presents well and engages with the audience. He has a good intuitive feel for the mood of the crowd and is able to adjust the emotional arc of his performance accordingly. I enthusiastically recommend Dan for your high profile events!”

Heidi Hu, Los Angeles, CA

    “After seeing Dan play numerous times at local restraunts, my wife began to really enjoy his music. While planning her 40th birthday party which was going to include wine and cheese pairings, I Thought Dan and his mellow style of music would be a great addition. Dan started the party playing great music as the tastings were happening, and as the night went on all focus turned to Dan. We had a great time and would highly recommend Dan for your next event.”

Matt Streeter, Palos Verdes, CA

    “After hearing Dan play at a local restaurant, we knew we had to have him play at out daughters wedding. We scheduled him to play at the beginning of the reception and during the dinner. I don't think there was a guest in the house that did not rave about Dan and his music. It was a perfect addition to a beautiful night for everyone. I would not hesitate to hire Dan for any event in the future.”

Debbie Stryker, Long Beach, CA

    “We were so pleased to have Dan play at my husband's 50th birthday party recently. All I had to do was give him a general idea of what type of songs we wanted to hear and he created a fantastic set! I received multiple compliments from our friends on how well he sang and played. Not only did he sing and play well but he was professional (arrived early and was prepared for the somewhat odd set-up at the venue), pleasant and did an impromptu rendition of Happy Birthday that was really lovely. He was able to create the festive mood that we wanted with very little to go on and we were thrilled to have him there. Thanks again Dan!”

Carmen Contreras, Hermosa Beach, CA

    “We just recently used Dan to play at my fathers 90th birthday party Live on the beach. Dan was phenomenal. In his mixture of music especially with the diverse age group we had that attended the event . Bravo , bravo , bravo Dan you were fantastic.”

Joe Lococo, El Segundo, CA

    “Having never booked a live musician before, I feel like I hit the "jackpot " with Dan. I hired him to play for my 50th birthday party. He is amazingly talented,professional and personable. My only regret is that I have no other events to hire him for! He was the perfect finishing touch on a wonderful evening of celebration.”

Renee Amaral, El Segundo, CA

    “My entire family has enjoyed listening to Dan perform at the Rivera Grill, and enjoy his CD’s at home. We hired Dan to perform during cocktails / dinner at my son’s rehearsal dinner and he was a real crowd pleaser with his soothing vocals, guitar styling and mix of contemporary and classic acoustic tunes. As a performing guitarist/vocalist myself, I have always admired and appreciated Dan’s music and would recommend him for any occasion.”

Scott Grillo, Palos Verdes, CA

    “After listening to Dan play at numerous local venues, we booked him to play for our August wedding. We had him play during our ceremony, cocktail hour and during dinner and everyone loved him! We gave him the few specific songs we wanted for the ceremony and from there asked him to just wing it, playing so many of the great ones he plays at local spots (James Taylor, Cat Stevens, Jack Johnson, Coldplay, etc) and it worked perfectly! We'd definitely recommend him!!”

Darren Swain, Manhattan Beach, CA

    “Dan played for my 50th birthday party. He took time in advance to learn about my musical taste, and even made a extra effort to learn one of my favorite songs without letting me know until he played it at my party. That made me so happy. He's a great musician with a kind spirit, he really made my special day even better! I highly recommend him!”

Susan Cordone, Redondo Beach, CA

    “Dan is a wonderful performer and musician. He played at my mom's memorial and was highly recommended by the Admiral Risty Restaurant as well as another musician who plays at the Restaurant. Dan was very interested in knowing what kind of playlist we preferred, the volume was perfect, he dressed professionally and was a pleasure to work with. I will use him again and again and I would recommend that you do the same”

Stephanie Cartozian, Palos Verdes, CA

    “I hired Dan to play for my wife's birthday bash, and all I can say is he was the perfect fit! Great tunes appropriately timed, and even a surprise impromptu sing along with the birthday girl! We still talk about that special night.”

Roger Scouton, Redondo Beach, CA

    “Dan did a wonderful job playing at our recent wedding. We were so lucky to have him. We loved all the songs he played, and he was so easy to plan and work with. Thanks Dan!!”

Victoria McAlevey Naylor, Redondo Beach, CA